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What is a "Homeschool
Basketball Player?

“Homeschooling” refers to a student’s education that is parent-directed.


As such, the parents are involved in their child’s education by assuming the role of headmaster or principal, thereby:

  1. Setting the Date and Requirements for High School Graduation

  2. Selecting and Approving Study Schedules and Course Materials

  3. Selecting Tutors, Videos, Computer Courses, Correspondence Courses, and Similar Resources for Their Child’s Education

  4. Additionally, homeschooling includes the person of legal responsibility who is filling the role of the student’s parent.

The 51% Rule

For clarification purposes, a normal course load for a full-time student consists of six (6) core courses. If a student-athlete is currently taking more than three (3) courses (public, private, or vocational), then they are not considered 51% homeschooled. A student may apply for a hardship exemption in case there are special circumstances.

Age Restrictions

A player’s age group is determined by their age on September 1 of the current school year. For example, a player who is 16 on September 1 but will turn 17 on October 5 is considered eligible to play in the 16-and-under age group at NCHC events. If desired, players may play in a higher age group. For basketball, we offer 10u, 12u, 14u, 16u, and 18u age groups.

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